Why Choose Pre-Installation?

Capable . Proven .Trusted

When you have our pre-installation team assemble your hardware, we will make your job much easier to accomplish. We can pre-install exit devices, locksets, electric locksets, hinges, closers, flush bolts, kickplates, and overhead stops. When it comes to electrified hardware, we can connect and test all the wiring for exit devices, electric strikes, programmable locks, special applications, and accessories. Door hardware with locations that are determined by field conditions (sweeps, surface door bottoms, astragals, etc.) are not pre-installed.

Safe and Documented Delivery

Hull supply will QC each door before loading it onto the pallet and is responsible for signing off on the completed door before it arrives on the jobsite.

Specification and Code Compliance

We will deliver the pre-installed doors on pallets with special blocking between to protect from damage.

Qualified, Experienced, Professional

The pallets are usually offloaded with a forklift and individually loaded onto drywall carts. Pre-installed doors take less time and manpower to install, so you can swing more doors per day with fewer people.

Ask us how to start saving time , money, and hassle with our pre-installation services.

Download our Pre-Install Price Sheet.