About us? We're really all about you.

Providing what you need is what drives us. It’s been our story since the beginning. But here is a little about us.

First thing you should know about us.

We provide built-to-specification materials and coordinated services for commercial construction projects.


So you want to know a little bout us? As a college student, Mr. Hull took a job sweeping the warehouse for Shurr Supply, a door frame supplier. It was August, hot, and he thought about quitting to go jump in the pool.

Mr. Hull stuck with it, and within a week was promoted to the grinding shop…another hot and under-appreciated job. He taught himself to weld on his lunch breaks and snagged the welding job. Due to his initiative, he soon became the service department leader.

When Shurr Supply became available for sale, Mr. Hull bought the business. Beginning operations on January 1, 1985,  as Rick Hull Supply, the small four-man company became Hull Supply Co. Inc. a year later.

To meet customer needs, Hull Supply has expanded many times. By adding several fabrication shops onsite and forging distributorship agreements with the globe’s leading manufacturers, Hull is a premier supplier of commercial doors, frames, hardware, access controls, and restroom partitions and accessories.

Our leader’s “can do” philosophy is the driving force in Hull Supply Company today. We are committed to getting your products right and on time.

We offer best industrial services. 35+ years of experience with global industries.

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All you need is a bow. We can provide all the services to coordinate and ensure the compatibility of the many products required for the architectural opening.

Our sales staff and project managers, fabricators, and order fulfillment personnel put you first. Call us today! 

Joe Walsh

Counter Sales Manager
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We Have A Strong Team.

Hull Supply’s staff of certified professionals stands ready to make your project go smoothly. Our sales professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of products, applications and codes, and are backed up by skilled and trained technicians in our fabrication shops, as well as a team of customer service and delivery personnel.

Our project managers, as well as our shop personnel, possess certifications from the Door & Hardware Institute. Regular continuing education classes and updates on new technology, product, and codes help us deliver best quality products that are right for your building.

The expertise and resources you’ll find at Hull Supply, plus our commitment to getting it right and on time, add up to an incredible supply source for you and your business.

HULL Access Control

Security License B15803 specializes in electronic- and electrically-controlled devices and systems to control door entry and exit control systems.  We can source software, hardware and devices, and power supplies, and can arrange for installation and programming. That’s a little bit bout us.


What Clients Say About Us

“Never in my life have I had such great service. You just pull up, and everyone pitches in to help. We will always use Hull. Great place".

Ethan Sabo

Rob Metcalf and Jerome Marshall offer the best customer service in town . Very happy customer".

John Rodriguez

“I am so impressed by the customer service at Hull Supply! Thank you to Rick Hull and your team for making sure that our door closures were correctly installed. Our door never slams anymore. I appreciate you!".

Le Valenti