Hardware Options

Discover the perfect blend of technology, life safety solutions, and style with Hull Supply Company’s commercial hardware. Experience smooth operation, reliable security, and a sharp aesthetic.

Our expert team will assist you in selecting the ideal hardware, considering application, duty cycles, base metals, finishes, and building standards. With a vast inventory of essential and popular items, as well as the ability to source special order items, Hull Supply is your go-to destination for all hardware needs.

Enhance your spaces with top-quality hardware – choose Hull Supply.

Heavy Duty

Durability, strength and performance:  Hull Supply provides hardware that conforms to ANSI/BMHA  standards for commercial grade materials.


Ordinary or rare, the world’s hardware is at your fingertips since  many of Hull Supply’s manufacturers are global. Find it in stock or by special order.


Whether you are starting ground up or matching existing hardware, you’ll find aesthetic, durable finishes to make any application look good.


Looking for a specific Finish? Use this helpful info sheet.


Explore our diverse range of hinge options to elevate the functionality and security of your spaces:

Smooth and durable hinges with ball bearings for effortless movement and enhanced longevity.

Specifically designed hinges to meet the unique safety requirements of behavioral healthcare facilities.

Engineered for heavy-duty and high-traffic applications, offering exceptional durability.

Designed for long doors or panels, ensuring even weight distribution and stability.

High-security hinges for detention and correctional facilities, ensuring utmost safety.

Allows the door to swing open and closed in both directions, perfect for busy entryways.

Embedded in both the door and the frame, providing a seamless appearance and added strength.

A combination of concealed and exposed installation, providing strength and support.

Concealed within the door and frame, creating a sleek, minimalist look.

Facilitates the transfer of electrical power from the frame to the door, ideal for electronic access systems.

Enables smooth rotational movement for large, heavy doors.

Automatically lifts the door as it opens, preventing scraping and damage to the floor.

Allows doors to swing completely clear of the opening, providing maximum clearance.

Offers an extended throw to increase clearance between the door and the frame.


Explore our diverse range of lockset options, each meticulously crafted to provide optimal security and functionality:

Mortise locks with a beveled front, combining style and security.

Specially designed locksets to meet the stringent safety requirements of behavioral healthcare facilities.

Utilizing fingerprint or other biometric data for secure and convenient access.

Sturdy locks with a deadbolt mechanism, ideal for providing additional security to doors.

 Access control systems utilizing cards for entry.

Replacement or upgrade cylinders to enhance security and key management.

Versatile and reliable locks suitable for a wide range of applications, offering ease of installation and operation.

Locksets with electrical components for remote access and control.

Ensuring privacy and smooth operation in medical facilities.

Specialized locks commonly used in the hospitality industry for guest room security.

Expert keying solutions to seamlessly integrate locksets into existing systems.

Locksets featuring a keypad for secure and keyless access.

Cutting-edge electromagnetic locks for enhanced security and access control.

Mortise locks with a deadbolt mechanism, offering heightened protection.

Durable locks embedded within the door for increased security.

Advanced locksets with customizable access control features for tailored security solutions.

Mortise locks with a rabbeted front, ensuring a seamless and secure fit.

Mortise locks with a rabbeted front, ensuring a seamless and secure fit.Mortise locks with a rabbeted front, ensuring a seamless and secure fit.Mortise locks with a rabbeted front, ensuring a seamless and secure fit.

Surface-mounted locks that offer robust protection and are easy to install.


Discover our top-notch door closer solutions, each engineered for reliable performance, durability, and smooth door operation. Enhance the functionality and security of your commercial spaces with our wide selection of door closers.

Regular, Parallel, Top Jamb, Track Arms, Hold Open Arms – Choose from a variety of arms tailored to suit your specific door and application requirements.

Specialized door closers designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of behavioral healthcare facilities, ensuring utmost security.

Seamlessly integrated into the door, frame, or floor, concealed closers offer a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Advanced closers featuring electro-mechanical hold-open functionality for added flexibility in access control.

Sturdy floor-mounted closers, available in both center and offset configurations, providing robust control over the door’s movement.

Energy-efficient closers, ideal for ADA compliance and accommodating individuals with limited mobility.

Versatile closers can be installed on the door, frame, or floor, offering ease of installation and functionality.

Exit Devices

Discover our wide selection of commercial exit devices, each engineered for smooth functionality and durability. Ensure the safety and security of your building with our premium exit device options.

Exit devices equipped with alarms to provide an audible alert in case of unauthorized use or emergency situations.

Specialized exit devices engineered to meet the unique safety needs of behavioral healthcare facilities.

Exit devices with concealed vertical rods for a sleek appearance and increased security.

Exit devices featuring a horizontal crossbar for effortless operation and quick egress.

Exit devices with delayed egress functionality, allowing controlled exits and enhanced security.

Exit devices with electrical latch retraction for remote access and convenience.

Exit devices compliant with fire safety regulations, ensuring safe and reliable egress during emergencies.

Exit devices integrated seamlessly into the door, providing a streamlined look.

Exit devices with mortise locksets for added security and durability.

Exit devices with night latch functionality, offering additional security during non-business hours.

Various trims available to suit your specific exit device operation needs.

Reliable and easy-to-use panic devices, facilitating swift exits in emergency situations.

Exit devices installed on the surface of the door for quick and efficient egress.

Exit devices featuring surface-mounted vertical rods for enhanced security.

Exit devices with touch bars for effortless operation and improved user experience.

Thresholds & Gaskets

Discover our wide selection of Threshold & Gasketing Options, each crafted to enhance your building’s performance, aesthetics, and sustainability. Achieve superior sealing and energy efficiency with our premium solutions.

Versatile gasketing that allows for customization, ensuring a tight seal and energy efficiency.

Ideal for securing double doors, astragals provide a weather-resistant barrier and added security.

Convenient and efficient devices installed at the bottom of automatic doors, providing a tight seal, enhanced energy efficiency, and effortless operation.

Astragals designed to compensate for gaps between doors, ensuring a secure and airtight seal.

Gasketing that is hidden within the door or frame, offering a sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Heavy-duty strips protecting elevator doors and bumpers from wear and damage.

A half-moon-shaped threshold used to seal gaps beneath doors, providing a weather-resistant barrier.

Gasketing with interlocking components to create a secure seal between doors.

Specifically designed gasketing to accommodate panic hardware, ensuring smooth door operation during emergencies.

Thresholds with a smooth surface and beveled edges, providing a gradual transition between spaces.

Choose between durable steel or lightweight aluminum thresholds tailored to your project’s requirements.

Gasketing installed on the surface of doors or frames, creating a tight seal against weather elements.

Weatherstripping sweeps designed to seal the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold.

Gasketing providing an insulating barrier, improving energy efficiency and temperature regulation.

Gasketing with a vinyl top for added protection against weather and environmental factors.

Plates & Pulls

Explore our wide selection of Door Plate & Pulls Options, each meticulously crafted to elevate your doors’ aesthetics, durability, and overall performance. Find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs and ensure lasting protection for your doors.

Heavy-duty plates protecting doors from wear and damage, extending their lifespan.

Plates covering existing hardware holes or cutouts, providing a clean and finished look.

Guards installed along door edges to prevent damage and extend door life.

Discreet pulls designed to be recessed into the door, creating a seamless and modern appearance.

Ergonomically designed door pulls suitable for healthcare environments, ensuring ease of use.

Rugged plates installed at the bottom of doors, safeguarding against scuffs and impact.

Plates installed at the bottom of doors to protect against mop and cleaning equipment damage.

Stylish door pulls that offset from the door’s surface, offering a contemporary aesthetic.

Durable plates protecting door surfaces from damage, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Versatile bars providing convenient push and pull functionality for busy entryways.

Sleek and minimalist door pulls offering a modern and elegant look for any door.

Specially designed plates to accommodate stretcher traffic, maintaining door integrity.

Stops & Holders

Discover our wide selection of Door Stop & Holder Options, each crafted to meet your specific door control needs. Find the perfect solution to enhance the functionality and safety of your doors.

Convenient and practical holders keeping doors securely in place, preventing unnecessary movements.

Advanced holders utilizing electromagnetic force to control door movement, providing seamless access.

Sturdy and unobtrusive holders mounted on the floor, offering secure door control.

User-friendly holders that can be easily engaged with a kick or lever motion.

Efficient stops installed overhead to limit door swing and protect walls and furniture.

Holders mounted overhead, ensuring smooth and quiet door closing.

Durable stops equipped with rollers for effortless door control.

Space-saving holders mounted on walls, providing a convenient and secure door stop solution.

Spring-loaded stops that gently cushion door impact, protecting walls and doors.

Building Specialties

Discover our wide selection of Building Specialties items, each meticulously crafted to enhance the safety, aesthetics, and overall performance of your spaces. Find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs and elevate the functionality of your building.

Durable and impact-resistant guards protecting corners from damage, preserving the aesthetics of your interior.

Securely store fire extinguishers in these cabinets, ensuring easy access and compliance with safety regulations.

Organize and secure keys efficiently with these cabinets, ensuring easy management and access.

Add elegance and functionality with lite kits, allowing natural light to flow while maintaining privacy.

Ventilation solutions designed to control airflow and protect against weather elements.

Durable doors providing easy access to utility areas, ensuring efficient maintenance and management.